My focus as a Certified Autism and Cognitive Specialist is the self-defined success and well-being of individuals on the autism spectrum. Through a variety of services including public speaking presentations, consulting, one-on-one sessions, and improvisational workshops, I accommodate your needs at your pace while offering insight into successfully living a self-defined, goal oriented, fulfilling life on the autism spectrum.

Public Speaking

Looking for your next speaker? Look no further! My life as an “openly autistic” individual is chock full of lessons to be learned. It was no accident that I managed to live a positive, active life on the autism spectrum. It took work; and a lot of it! No matter the topic or venue, all my presentations are filled with the unique and often humorous experiences of living and working in the ASD community.

  • Engaging presentations focused on living a positive, fulfilling life on the autism spectrum.
  • Tailored to fit your needs and subject matter


In response to the neurodiversity movement, are you looking to update your business, college/university, or organization to include and accommodate the thousands of diagnosed autistics? As an accomplished certified autism specialist with years of professional and personal experience, I can help you meet the challenges that neurodiversity and inclusion present while providing educational material and resources to update and improve the understanding and impact of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in your organization. By utilizing my expertise, knowledge, and objective point of view, I can help organizations spot problems and better their performance in ways that they might not be able to see themselves. Let me help you to address the challenges that a neurodiverse environment presents, so that you can quickly and effectively reach your inclusion goals.

One-On-One Sessions

Ever feel stuck? Can’t get through your to do list? Not ready for that job interview? Or maybe you have lots of different questions but don’t know where to go for the answers? Let me be your solution. My one-on-one sessions are designed to help you get answers, find solutions, and get your autism related qualms and queries addressed. Whether you are an individual on the spectrum, a parent, a professional, or an educator, I am ready to be your autism resource.

  • In-person, Skype and phone sessions offered.


IMPROViSpectrum Workshops

  • For Professionals: designed to give professionals the tools to better support their clients/students.
    • This one day workshop covers the basics of improvisation by using improv techniques to act as a means for learning fundamental skill sets. We discuss why improv works for those on the spectrum, as well as the importance of creating muscle memory, and practicing flexible thinking. Additionally, as it is geared toward professionals, we cover how to teach basic improv techniques and when they can be advantageous for therapeutic use. Those attending the workshop leave with a greater understanding of improvisation and how to gear these techniques toward use in a therapeutic environment.


  • For Individuals: designed to strengthen the muscle memory and independent living skills of individuals on the spectrum.
    • This workshop meets for two hours once a week for 8 weeks. The workshop is designed to address the familiar challenges of independent living for individuals on the autism spectrum. Each session will tackle one or two challenges using a variety of different improv and theater techniques to practice the art of muscle memory. With each session, the individual can expect to feel more comfortable with the act and action of a specific challenge while creating the muscle memory required for real world application.


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*Fee schedule and calendar available by request.